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What is Glaucoma and Trabeculectomy?

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Glaucoma and Trabeculectomy What is Glaucoma and Trabeculectomy? Glaucoma covers a wide range of diseases in which the one common factor is the elevated eye fluid pressure. This in turn causes damage to the optic nerve associated with characteristic loss of visual field. Initial treatment is with eye drops. When treatment with eye drops does […]

Septic shock

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SEPTIC SHOCK (Please read in conjunction with tutorial on Haemorrhagic shock)   Definition of Septic shock  Septic shock is sepsis associated with hypotension, despite adequate fluid resuscitation and the manifestations of hypo perfusion such as : metabolic acidosis, oliguria, altered  mental status etc.  Related definitions  Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS) It is a systemic inflammatory response to a […]

Statistical Inference: Estimation & Hypothesis Testing

STATISTICAL INFERENCE: ESTIMATION & HYPOTHESIS TESTING “A distinctive function of statistics is this: it enables the scientist to make a numerical evaluation of the uncertainty of his conclusion. ” – Snedecor Statistical inference involves two things: estimation and hypothesis testing. Using the results from a small sample of individuals as a measure of the levels […]

Errors in epidemiologic research

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ERRORS IN EPIDEMIOLOGIC RESEARCH Socrates was famous in Athens for saying, “Know thyself. ” It is said that one of his students said to him: “Socrates, you go around saying “Know thyself, ” but do you know yourself? ” Socrates was said to have replied, “No, but I understand something about this not knowing. “ […]

Haematological aspects of splenectomy

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Haematological Aspects of Splenectomy Functions of the spleen  Clearance of opsonized cells by splenic macrophages. Trapping of abnormal RBCs by the reticular meshwork. Antigen presentation – in the periarteriolar lymphatic sheaths and in the marginal zones of the lymphatic follicles (the T cell zones). Antibody production – in the mantle zone of the lymphatic follicle […]