Blepharitis Causes, Signs & Symptoms

Blepharitis Causes, Signs & Symptoms

Blepharitis Causes, Signs & Symptoms

Among several eye disorders, Blepharitis is one such known eye disorder which is considered to be a common eye condition. This disorder causes inflammatory reaction on eyelids. The eyelids look red in colour and become very itchy. The eyelids get swollen and start to appear scaly at the bottom most part of the eyelashes. Gradually the scales become dry and rough causing a lot of irritation. Small crusts start to develop due to which the lids stick with each other, especially when the person suffering from this disorder wakes up in the morning. A gritty or an irritating sensation can be felt if the crust falls into the eye. A similar sensation can be felt since the eyes dry up owing to inflammation of the moisture generating tissues.


Skin infection or a particular type of skin condition is known to be a major cause of Blepharitis. There is a lot of swelling and redness observed on the edges of the eyelid. There are bifurcations in the type of Blepharitis as it occurs. Its first type i.e. the Anterior Blepharitis is caused when the inflammatory marks are seen on the outside portion of the eyelid exactly where the eyelids are found attached. The second type i.e. the Posterior Blepharitis is said to occur when the inside front portion of the eyelids becomes red and swollen producing a thick liquid which shields the sufferer’s eyes. In this case, the inflammation impacts the Meibomian Gland of the patient.

Bacterial infection is claimed to be another root cause of this disorder. It is also inferred that this disorder can be caused as a result of certain allergic reactions or infusion of lice on the eyelashes.

Signs & Symptoms

For most people diagnosed with Blepharitis, it has been observed that the disorder prevails for a longer duration and occurs repeatedly. Under the influence of this disorder, both the eyes are found to be infected. As per the research, symptoms may seem to be vague based on its root cause. The signs and symptoms noticed in the mornings are said to be worse. One can expect to see sore red eyes with constant itchy feeling. The eyelids stick to each other thus becoming difficult to open in the mornings just as the person wakes up. The edges of the eyelid are mostly found swollen throughout.


The diagnosis of Blepharitis is often conducted by the general practitioner where you need to go for a regular check up and doctor would examine the symptoms mentioned above. As a part of the examination, the doctor may also check the signs and symptoms of any other associated skin disorders occurring. Once diagnosed by a general practitioner, he or she may refer the patient to an ophthalmologist. Further examination and tests are conducted to make sure that the treatment is working fine.


Being a chronic skin disorder i.e. it lasts for a longer duration, it has been observed that people suffering from Blepharitis experience repetitive episodes. Although there is no specific cure, but there are certain precautionary measures which need to be taken to avoid such disorders.


Maintaining a robust eye hygienic regime is a must to avoid such disorders. Hot fermentation is one of the most commonly suggested ways and means to keep your eyes clean. Using a piece of cotton or piece of soft cloth dipped into warm water must be rubbed along the edges of the eyelids. This helps to keep eyelids clean. Make sure that harmful eye make-up is avoided.