Endocrinology & Metabolism

Thyrotoxic Crisis
Congenital Hypothyroidism
Adrenal Incidentalomas


Viral Hepatitis
Nosocomial infections
Drug Resistance
Disinfection and Sterilization Procedures
Effect of Pre-Analytical Variables on test reports
Stem Cells
Enteric Fever
Universal protection procedures
Waste Disposal Procedures
Criticality of staining
Urine cultures
Interpretation of sputum cultures


Unprovoked Single Seizure


Haematological transfusion reactions
Evaluation of bleeding diathesis

Opthalmology for paramedical professionals

How Does AIDS Affect The Eye?
What Is Amblyopia? / Lazy Eye?
What is Blepharitis?
What Is a Chalazion?
What is Computer Vision Syndrome?
What Is Conjunctivitis?
Corneal Disease and Transplants-Facts
What Is Defective Color Vision?
What are Eyelid Spasms?
What is Glaucoma and Trabeculectomy?
What is Herpes Simplex Eye Disease?
What Is Herpes Zoster?
What Is Juvenile Macular Degeneration?
What Is Keratoconus?
Cataract Surgery- how is it done?
Living with one good eye
What is Nystagmus?
What is Optic Atrophy?
What is Optic Neuritis?
What is Overflow Tearing? – In children
What is Posterior Capsulotomy?
What is Dry Eyes?
Why do I get Flashers and Floaters?
What Is Retinopathy of Prematurity?
Recommendations for eye check up -Adults
Recommendations for eye check up -Children
Thyroid Eye Disorders
What is LASIK?

Opthalmology for medical professionals

The Red Eye
Common eye emergencies

Technical Aids

Digital Camera