Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Pregnancy Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Q1. Can pregnant women donate blood?

A. Pregnant ladies can donate blood only after 6 weeks of delivery because they need blood for themselves and nutrition of the baby. Blood donation during pregnancy can deplete iron and cause anemia which is harmful for the mother and baby. Therefore, it is not safe to donate blood during pregnancy for the mother as well as child.

Q2. Can pregnant women drink hot chocolate?

Caffeine intake must be below 200 mg every day for women who are pregnant. A cup of hot chocolate occasionally is healthy for the bay if milk is added to it. Hot chocolate contains 12 mg of caffeine so it’s fine to have once a while and in moderation.

Q3. Can pregnant women dye their hair?

Dyes have chemicals which confuses the ladies whether it is safe for the baby or not. Hair dyes are usually safe because only little dye is absorbed by the hair. To reduce the risk, pregnant women can wear gloves, work in well ventilated room, leave the dye for less time and rinse the scalp properly after putting the dye.

Q4. Can pregnant women eat cottage cheese?

Pregnant women can eat cottage cheese as it is pasteurized. Soft cheese should be avoided as the soft cheese is not pasteurized. So, whatever cheese you eat just make sure it is pasteurized which pleases your cravings and keeps your child and you safe. Avoid blue cheese and feta.

Q5. Can pregnant women eat crab?

Yes pregnant women can eat crab but only in moderation. It should be eaten in moderation because seafood and crab contains mercury and other contaminants. Try to refrain but if you really want to have, do not eat it regularly. You can try fish which is much healthier for the baby.

Q6. Can pregnant women eat eggs?

Yes it is completely safe for women to have eggs as long as they are completely cooked. Eggs are an excellent source of protein which is very good for the baby. Raw eggs are tainted with salmonella which can cause vomiting, diarrhea and fever. When yoke and white are not cooked properly, it can cause problems during pregnancy.

Q7. Can pregnant women eat honey?

It is completely safe for pregnant women to consume honey. It should not be given to children who are under the age of 1 year as it makes them sick. If you are pregnant then consuming is totally safe for you and your baby and will not cause any harm.

Q8. Can pregnant women eat salmon?

Salmon is safe to be consumed by pregnant women. Salmon can be consumed cooked as well as canned. The only thing is it should be fresh and from a place which you can trust. Salmon should be consumed cooked and canned salmon is cooked which is good to eat.

Q9. Can pregnant women eat scallops?

Scallops can be eaten cooked by the pregnant ladies. Moreover scallops have low saturated fat and do not have a high flavor which makes a pregnant woman feel nauseated. As long as the scallops are handled in a hygienic way and are cooked properly, pregnant ladies can consume it without any problems.

Q10. Can pregnant women eat seafood?

Sea food is rich in omega 3 fatty acids as well as healthy nutrients. The danger in seafood lies in the amount of mercury and that should be avoided by the pregnant ladies. It can cause neurological defects in baby. Thus, pregnant ladies should have Salmon, Sardines, Scallops, Anchovies and Atlantic Herring only in low quantity.

Q11. Can pregnant women eat shellfish?

Raw seafood including shellfish is risky to eat during pregnancy. It is better to avoid raw fish and shell fish as it contains high level of mercury which is dangerous for the baby and cause neurological diseases affecting the health of the baby. Shellfish also contains parasites so pregnant ladies must avoid it.

Q12. Can pregnant women eat sushi?

Eating fish in a safe way can be helpful for the pregnant ladies. Pregnant ladies can definitely eat sushi but is should be cooked properly as it contains high amount of bacteria. Many type of sushi have a high level of mercury and bacteria which should be avoided and pregnant ladies must consult on this with their doctor so they can eat sushi safely.

Q13. Can pregnant women eat tuna fish?

Amount of tuna should be limited if you are pregnant and canned tuna should not be eaten at all. Canned tuna should be purchased from trusted places because tuna must be cooked. Not more than two portions should be eaten within a week by the pregnant lades as more than that could be harmful for the baby.

Q14. Can pregnant women eat turkey?

Pregnant women can have turkey and if they eat turkey breasts then it is a much better alternative. All types of meats and fishes should be eaten cooked though some fishes should not be eaten in pregnancy. However, turkey is safe as long as it is cooked.

Q15. Can pregnant women eat yogurt?

Pregnant woman with normal blood cholesterol can consume yogurt. There is nothing harmful in yogurt and it is low in fat which is definitely a great thing to eat. Yogurt should be pasteurized and pregnant ladies can enjoy it without any issues. It is because those dairy products which are not pasteurized have bacteria and harmful for kid so pasteurized yogurt is good to consume.

Q16. Can pregnant women fly?

It is not unsafe for pregnant ladies to fly but they need to take some precautions. After 28 weeks it is ok for the pregnant lady to fly and if pregnant lady is more than 28 years of age then they should consult their doctor before flying as risks of miscarriage and premature labor are there.

Q17. Can pregnant women get braces?

Braces while pregnancy should not be a problem at all. Hormonal changes do occur in pregnant women which can cause swelling and irritation in gums. Thus, some pregnant women may suffer from pain more and some do not. One must consult with the doctor about the same to avoid swelling.

Q18. Can pregnant women get tattoos?

During pregnancy, it is not safe to get tattoos as tattoos dyes and inks can affect the babies and also there are chances to get hepatitis B which is a liver infection. It can also cause bacterial infection. The ink carries in the blood stream and reaches the baby which can cause harm so it should be avoided completely.

Q19. Can pregnant women give blood?

In case of an emergency pregnant women can give blood but it is recommended not to give blood because women can be depleted of iron and it can cause anemia. Medical screening is done before a pregnant women gives blood and doctor will recommend whether it is safe or not.

Q20. Can pregnant women paint?

Painting can be somewhat harmful and it should be avoided because of the fumes that travel through the nostrils of mother can harm the kid. Pregnant women should not paint during pregnancy because the chemicals in the paint are absorbed by the body and it is not clear that how it can affect the baby but if it is necessary then one must keep the windows open and fans should be running for safety.

Q21. Can pregnant women smoke hookah?

Smoking anything is bad during pregnancy and hookah is more harmful than cigarettes. The high level of smoking compounds like tar, heavy metals and carbon monoxide can cause severe problems to the baby. It can result in low birth weight babies and if hookahs are not cleaned properly it can even cause infection.

Q22. Can pregnant women take advil?

Pregnant women should not take advil. Many studies are conducted on this and it is recommended not to take advil, ibuprofen, Nurofen and Motrin which can affect the pregnant ladies and unborn. It can cause birth defects and must avoided during the entire pregnancy. The heart of the baby may grow prematurely so advil must be avoided completely.

Q23. Can pregnant women take airborne?

Pregnant women should not take airborne to curb the cold as it contains vitamin A and can harm the health of the baby if taken in excess. Some pregnant ladies do take airborne and therefore, if you are pregnant then please confirm it with the doctor to avoid pregnancy complications.

Q24. Can pregnant women take excedrin?

It is not a good idea to take Excedrin as it can cause Reyes Syndrome in the baby. Thus, pregnant women are given alternative medicine in case they need it. In case the doctor allows the dosage has to be limited else it can cause hyperactivity and other issues if you are pregnant. So, it is better to avoid and consult a doctor before taking this medicine if you are pregnant.

Q25. Can pregnant women take nyquil?

At any stage during pregnancy, it is better to avoid Nyquil for the safety of the baby. It contains alcohol which can cause development problems in the baby and even Fetal Alcohol Syndrome. You can talk to your doctor to weigh the risks properly.

Q26. How do i know if i am pregnant?

To recognize pregnancy a few symptoms can be checked but these may differ from women to women out of missed period is a common symptom. It is better to do a pregnancy test to confirm pregnancy. Few symptoms which may relate to pregnancy are, breast tenderness, implantation pain like it happens during the menstrual cycle, morning sickness and a metal like taste is also experienced though these symptoms may not show in some and they can still be pregnant.

Q27. Is acetaminophen safe for pregnant women?

To relive discomfort or fever, it is completely safe to use acetaminophen and to be on a safer side, the dosage should not be more than 650 mg in every four hours. The dosage should be checked with the doctor as some can take up to 1000 mg in 24 hours but it should be consulted with the doctor.

Q28. When to test for pregnancy?

Pregnancy test should be conducted after waiting for a week if there is a missed period. The urine test can be conducted at home or one can go for blood test in the clinic. Doing the urine test in the morning gives more accurate result as the first urine is more concentrated.

Q29. Why do pregnant women get headaches?

Even the experts do not know what causes headaches while you are pregnant but the hormonal changes are one reason for this. Lack of sleep, fatigue, stress, etc. are some of the causes as well so pregnant ladies should take enough rest to avoid headaches.