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LAPTOPS Laptops With increasing use of the computers in our lives, the number of situations where one finds the need for a computer is continuing to grow. Clearly, not every such situation will be in the vicinity of a computer. Enter Laptop to the rescue! Laptop computers have given us the enormous advantage of literally […]


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Scanner Choosing a Scanner The word scanner by itself needs some clarification. In the context of this article, scanner refers to that electronic device that helps transfer printed matter (text, photographs, and graphics) into an electronic form that can be stored and processed on a computer. Other types of scanners include bar code scanners (found […]

Digital Camera

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DIGITAL CAMERA Choosing a Digital Camera One of the hardest things we undertake during the holiday season is buying a techno-gadget for a dear family member or friend. For, it is easy to get lost in the maze of semi-marketing and semi-technical jargon-filled advertisements and commercials that flood the market. The end result – you […]